О компании Metrastat

Welcome to the METRASTAT club !

  • Problems with your polymer during processing?
  • Melting of bad formulas and production stops?
  • The competition seems far ahead and you want to optimize your formulae?

You need quality control experts who will give you the peace of mind you need.

The METRASTAT SA team of chemists and engineers has developed a brand new system of HEAT STABILTY measurement. It will enable you to test your PVC, PP, PE, etc. with a METRASTAT 905 oven and a FLUOSCAN analytical system that will give you exact scientific information about: the use of stabilizers and the reaction of your products when exposed to heat (during and after production).

Our team at our new facilities in Switzerland have been working hard to elaborate a system that will enable you to make the best product at the lowest possible cost and without waste of time, energy… and raw materials!

We make it possible for you to take a closer look at the color and appearence of industrial products.

How much closer?
A lot closer, because our proprietary digital Color Image Coding (CIC) technique enables you not only to measure the color of a flat sample in all possible color spaces but also to quantify its

  • chromaticity
  • fluorescence intensity
  • structural homogeneity
  • of course heat stability and light stability

… and much more by using our new and revolutionary System for Computer-Assisted Image Analysis

The METRASTAT  company has recently replaced the former German company Dr. Stapfer GmbH based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

We are now based in the canton of ValaisSwitzerland, in the very nice and sunny town of Sierre. where we develop and manufacture our new product line.

This change of location is mainly due to the handing over of the company to  Mrs. Cassandre Stapfer, the new CEO of the company, thus inherits the  company from her parents, Dr. C.H. Stapfer and Mrs. Koblitz after 30 years of activity in France and Germany.